Chamber Market Online eCommerce Webstore Setup, Customization and Training Package

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Available for any business located in Manitoba or Alberta.
Fits in the $2,400 Federal Micro-Grant (if your business qualifies).
This package will still give you approximately $800 of grant money to invest via paid online marketing to drive traffic to your new eCom Webstore.

eCommerce Marketing Package Includes:

  1. Assistance in setting up your Chamber Market Bambora/Worldline Account
  2. Creating of your Chamber Market Online eCommerce Webstore, including copywriting and connecting your social media accounts.
  3. Creation of Chamber Market Digital Assets for your eCom Webstore.
  4. Creation of up to 5 different products and/or services for your eCom Webstore
  5. Training resources showing you how to quickly and easily update your eCom Webstore at any time.
  6. Technical support and assistance should you need help with your eCom Webstore.
  7. Domain Name Registration (if required, we will cover the first year's domain name registration, subsequent year domain name costs invoiced yearly at cost.)
  8. OPTIONAL BONUS: Marketing Review, Recommendations, Strategies and Actionable Items that can help grow your business. ($300 value). see for details.

I. Chamber Market eCom Webstore one time setup of $25 and is already covered under another marketing grant and built into this package.
II. Chamber Market requires your company to go through a merchant account application process with Bambora/Worldline, which we can help you with.
III. There are no recurring monthly subscription fees for your Chamber Market eCom Webstore.
IV. An all-in marketing and transaction fee of 4.95% is applicable for any successful sale generated through your Chamber Market eCom Webstore.